Scientists are assessed by the quality of their publications and amount of funding. This tangible productivity is essential to climb the career ladder and secure a leadership position, which gives job security and influence. With a world-renowned team and a proven approach, LSEF will help to achieve equity in science by supporting those who have been excluded from the scientific community.

The 2024 competition is currently closed. We will announce our next competition towards the end of 2024.

JEDI Alumni Award

The JEDI alumni award is designed to promote career progression and retention for junior faculty from backgrounds that are underrepresented in STEM.  Awardees work with an LSEF coach who agrees to participate in the program for a 1-2 year-long partnership opportunity.  Coaches provide advice and feedback to help awardees submit 2-3 grant proposals or manuscripts.


JEDI Alumni awardees:

  • Improve skills and abilities to present your work and overcome barriers to career progression.
  • Receive individualized, extensive, and expert feedback and guidance on 2-3 grant proposals or manuscripts.
  • Benefit from valuable and ongoing advice and guidance from a coach on career development and the peer review process.
  • Expand your professional network.
  • Increase your influence and exposure.

LSEF Coaches:

  • Provide guidance and expertise to faculty, contributing to the retention of underrepresented minorities in STEM.
  • Hone coaching and mentorship skills.
  • Expand your professional network.
  • Contribute to the broader impacts of the scientific community.

Empowering All Scientists Everywhere

Our programs will help to expand the power and influence of underrepresented scientists.

Photo (L to R): Dr. Rachel Arey, Dr. Vanisha Lakhina, Dr. Coleen Murphy, Research Assistant Jasmine Ashraf, and Dr. Rachel Kaletsky

Awardees and Coaches will:

  • Attend a kickoff orientation workshop.
  • Prepare 2-3 grant proposals or manuscripts to be submitted over 1-2 years. Note: The awardee prepares and submits the proposal/manuscript; coach provides mentorship/guidance/editing during process.
  • Communicate with each other at least monthly to receive feedback. 
  • Create personalized “living” contracts outlining the expectations, type and frequency of support.
  • Coach will commit to no less than 2 hours/month and no more than 10 hours/month.
  • Awardee will commit to no less than 2 hours/month.
  • Prepare a video showcasing the awardee and their research for the LSEF website.
  • Coaches will meet quarterly to discuss progress, setbacks etc.

Who Is Eligible to Apply?

Former JEDI awardees who are at the Assistant or Associate professor stage of their career.

Awardee Selection

Awards are made annually in January. Number of Awardees is based on the number of available coaches. Applications will be assessed by a sub-committee of LSEF volunteers. Awardees will be notified in January.

JEDI Alumni Award Application

Deadline was January 10th, 2024. Awardees will be notified around January 25th, 2024.

JEDI Alumni Award Application

Maximum file size: 50MB

Maximum file size: 50MB

Please help us understand your obstacles by selecting all the obstacles you face (if you do not want to share the specific obstacles or yours aren’t listed, please select other)
Terms of Service

Award Oversight

An LSEF Volunteer Program Manager (outside the coaches) will be a point of contact. The program manager will:

  • regularly check-in with coaches and awardees.
  • conduct bi-annual surveys to monitor progress.
  • Help overcome potential pitfalls and devise alternatives .

We uniquely understand your science and how science is assessed during peer review. We help scientists generate highly competitive manuscripts and grant proposals, and advise them on how to effectively communicate with editors and reviewers.