Our Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) awards provide support from one of our top-flight volunteers.

These awards are offered quarterly to scientists facing unfair obstacles to career progression, including but not limited to barriers based on gender, race, ethnicity, caregiving responsibilities, illness, ability, sexual orientation, low socioeconomic background, as well as people in a low or lower middle income country. The award provides input on a manuscript, short grant proposal or job application. The award will consist of:

  • Editor/Reviewer Perspective: We give you feedback on the content, pitch and narrative. Our volunteers use their insider knowledge of the peer review process to advise you. We read your document as a search committee, editor or reviewer would – highlight strengths, potential weaknesses, and areas that need work (background, rationale, importance, logic etc). We will offer suggestions on how to strengthen the document and improve the potential for a positive outcome. This feedback may or may not involve substantial editing of the document, depending on volunteer availability and expertise.


  • Language Edit: Our volunteer will edit your document, focusing on improving the readability, organization, clarity, spelling and grammar. 

JEDI Award Application

JEDI awards are offered quarterly. Application deadlines are March 10, June 10, September 10, December 10.

JEDI awardees are selected by the JEDI Award Program Managers (Dr. Angela Andersen, Dr. Sabbi Lall, and Dr. Shawna Hiley). Awardees will be notified around a week after the deadline, and the input is returned within a month. The number of awards is based on the availability and expertise of our volunteers.

If you have an urgent request that doesn’t fit these dates, please let us know.

To apply, you must be the first or last author of a completed manuscript, short grant proposal or job application in an area of experimental biology. Priority is given to Assistant and Associate Professors (and equivalent).

Your information will be kept strictly confidential. We strive to avoid real, potential and perceived conflicts of interest. In particular, current journal editors will not consult on manuscripts, but can consult on other projects (i.e. grant proposals). We kindly request that authors acknowledge LSEF, when possible, for transparency to the scientific community.  

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Dr Mae Jemison, first African American woman to travel in space

JEDI Award Application

Maximum file size: 50MB

Maximum file size: 50MB

Please help us understand your obstacles by selecting all the obstacles you face (if you do not want to share the specific obstacles or yours aren’t listed, please select other)
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